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Na Na Na Na Naa!

It's Kaiser Chiefs Fanfiction and Fanart!

Na Na Na Na Naa! - Kaiser Chiefs Fanwork
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Na Na Na Na Naa! Kaiser Chiefs Fanfiction and Fanart

Welcome to Na Na Na Na Naa!, a community for Kaiser Chiefs fanfiction and fanart. Any kind of fanfic or fanart is acceptable, as long as you obey the rules. We're all here to have a bit of fun and we wouldn't want to ruin it over a silly disagreement, would we? So please. Learn them, love them:

1. All fanfic and fanart must be placed behind an LJ-cut. (If you don't know how to do one, click here.) No one wants to have to scroll endlessly through their flist or, for those of us still on dialup, have to wait for something to load.
2. Use this form (or something similar) or state the following when posting a fic or piece of artwork:

Title (if any)
Genre (Humour, slash, angst, whatev)
Rating (G, PG/PG-13, 15+, 18+)
Warnings (Note if there's any swearing, sex, slash, blood, puke, graphic descriptions, etc present, as some people may want to avoid them)
Pairings (if any)
Length (if fic)

( Fic/art goes behind LJ-cut here )

3. Constructive criticism is great, but flaming is not allowed.
4. When posting a fic, please proof-read it or run it through a spellchecker before you post. Good writing starts with good grammar and spelling.
5. All fics and artwork must be Kaiser Chiefs-centric, but cameos from other bands or people are allowed too. Except Mary Sues, of course.
6. Absolutely no plagiarising.
7. Respect for the band members and those affiliated with them at all times. It seems silly to have to say that, but people insulting or wishing death on their girlfriends or whatever does happen and is pushing it a bit. It is entirely possible that a computer-able Chief or a friend of theirs could accidentally stumble upon this site one day, so try not too be too insane.

After all that, please join the community and enjoy! It would be lovely to get a nice group full of readers, writers and artists going on here!

If any members feel the need, they can send their fan fiction to co-moderator, the_maha to be proofread. A grammar nazi by nature, she will be happy to proofread your work!

- moderated by teruhiko (founder), pellycan, the_maha and clarityscars